Sell Used Wide Format Copiers

We buy your used Wide Format copier.  You make money.

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Sell Used Wide Format Copiers

Sell Used Wide Format Copiers

We buy used Wide Format copiers directly from you.

Sell us your used Wide Format copiers.  We will pick up your used wide format copier for FREE at your office, home, warehouse or anywhere in the country.   We understand you are looking to sell your used office copier as soon as possible.  We have fast, efficient and professional drivers that will meet your schedule.   Cash4Copiers is one of the leading used copier wholesalers in the USA.

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Looking to Buy An Affordable Copier?

Cash4Copiers sells lightly used, low metered Wide Format copiers at 75% of list prices.  All our copiers have been cleaned, tested and are in excellent working condition.  Click here for a quote.

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We Pay for Used Copiers

We Pay Top Dollar


Cash4Copiers pays top dollar. Use our simple form to get a quick price quote. No need to stress or worry, we handle everything and make it easy to turn your used copier into cash.

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Wide Format Copiers We Buy

we buy most wide format engineering machines


Ricoh Series

  • MPW2400
  • MPW3600
  • MPW3601
  • MPW5100
  • MPW7140
  • MPCW2200
  • MPCW2201
  • MPW6700SP
  • MPW7100
  • MPW814

Kip Series

  • Kip 770
  • Kip 3000
  • Kip 3000
  • Kip 3002
  • Kip 3100
  • Kip 5000
  • Kip 7170
  • Kip 5002
  • Kip 6000
  • Kip 6002
  • Kip 7000
  • Kip 900



  • 6279
  • 6279
  • 6604
  • 6604
  • 6204 (Int Controller)
  • 6204 (Ext Controller)


  • VP4120
  • VP6160
  • VP6250
  • VP6320
  • VP2100
  • VP4110
  • VP412



  • RICOH 2401W
  • RICOH 3601W
  • RICOH 5100W
  • RICOH 7140W

Kyocera Task

  • 2420W
  • 4820W
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